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Foreword. This lesson introduces you to two essential constructs of the JavaScript language, the if statement and the function. The if statement is used to make decisions in JavaScript. Boolean operators are also discussed in this lesson because they are used in along with the if statement. The function allows you to repeat specific JavaScript statements anytime you want by calling. Creating JavaScript Boolean Object. To create an instance of the Boolean object, we use the new keyword with the Boolean object constructor function, providing a value at the time of creation. Following is the syntax for it: let bool = new Boolean (SOME_VALUE); Depending upon the value passed, the initial value is set as true or false.. "/>. The if keyword followed by a set of parentheses () which is followed by a code block, or block statement, indicated by a set of curly braces {}. Inside the parentheses (), a condition is provided that evaluates to true or false. If the condition evaluates to true, the code inside the curly braces {} runs, or executes.

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The typeof operator returns the type of the variable. The ternary operator is also known as the conditional operator which acts similar to the if-else statement.. . JavaScript Boolean: Main Tips. There are two values of JavaScript boolean: true or false. Booleans check whether an expression is true or not. Values Explained. JavaScript if else Statement. JavaScript for loop. Video: JavaScript if...else. In computer programming, there may arise situations where you have to run a block of code among more than one alternatives.

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